What is an RPO Code?

The term RPO is short for Regular Production Option and is General Motors’ standard coding for vehicle configuration options. An RPO code consists of a unique combination of three alphanumeric characters, like B30.

What does an RPO Code represent?

RPO codes are used to identify specific vehicle options or modifications such as paint colors, engine types, interior options, wheel types, etc.

How do I decode an RPO Code?

Corvette Salvage has combined over 18,000 RPO Codes into one easy-to-use and searchable data table. To decode, enter your RPO code into the search box below.

Where are the RPO Codes Located?

RPO Codes can be found on a white or silver sticker inside of your Corvette. The placement of the RPO Codes Label (Service Parts Identification Label) changes based on the year of your car. The Corvette Salvage crew has created an easy-to-follow chart which will help you find where your label is located.

Help Me Find My RPO Code Label

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The table below contains Regular Production Option (RPO) Codes and Descriptions from General Motors. Use the provided search box below to filter through the codes. If you find an RPO code that is not listed in the table, please fill out the form below the table and a Corvette Salvage Crew Member will add it.

GM RPO Codes & Descriptions - 2021 Version

1 1 RATIO CODE 3.70
2 2 RATIO CODE 4.11 (4 1/9)
3 3 RATIO CODE 4.33
4 4 RATIO 4.78
5 5 RATIO 4.56 (4 5/9)
6 6 RATIO 4.63 (4 5/8)
7 8 RATIO CODE, 4.88
8 9 RATIO CODE, 5.29
9 10 RATIO CODE 5.43
10 11 RATIO CODE 5.57 (5 4/7)