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1990 to 1996 Corvette HVAC Diagnostic Codes

C4 1990 to 1996 Corvette HVAC Diagnostic Codes Explained

1990 to 1996 Corvette models that are equipped with the C68 option code (Automatic, Electronic Air Condition) allow HVAC diagnostic codes to be read from the digital screen on the climate control panel. This feature is useful when attempting to diagnose issues with the A/C system. To learn more about entering the diagnostic mode and…

C5 Dual Climate Control Operation

C5 Corvette Dual Climate Control Operation

Driver-Side Temperature Control In a C5 Corvette with dual climate control, the driver-side knob changes the temperature on the driver’s and passenger’s side of the vehicle. To increase the temperature turn the knob clockwise and to decrease the temperature turn it counterclockwise. Whenever you turn the driver-side knob, the temperature will be displayed for approximately five seconds along with the…