2004 Corvette RPO Codes

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Looking to decode a 2004 Corvette RPO (Regular Production Option) code? The following is a list of Regular Production Option (RPO) Codes for a 2004 Corvette. A Regular Production Option (RPO) is General Motors standard coding for vehicle configuration options. These codes are a combination of 3 alphanumeric characters and refer to a specific options or modifications to a vehicle. If any 2004 Corvette codes have been left out from this list, please comment the three digit code below and a Corvette Salvage representative will add it to the list.

The RPO Code Label (Service Parts Identification Label) in a 2004 Corvette is located in the glove box.

2004 Corvette RPO Codes

1AABMemory, Driver Convenience Package
2AK5Inflatable Restraint System, Driver and Passenger
3AQ9Reclining Bucket Seat, Driver and Passenger
4AR9Reclining Bucket Seat, Driver and Passenger, European Style
5AX4Conversion, Seat Belt, Manual, European
6BAGParts Package, Export
7BCCCylinder Unit Passenger Door
8BGRPlant Code Bowling Green, KY, USA
9BW3Bumper Provisions Canadian Requirements
10B4HModification Noise Control, Export

2004 Corvette RPO Codes (Non-Searchable)

AABMemory, Driver Convenience Package
AK5Inflatable Restraint System, Driver and Passenger
AQ9Reclining Bucket Seat, Driver and Passenger
AR9Reclining Bucket Seat, Driver and Passenger, European Style
AX4Conversion, Seat Belt, Manual, European
BAGParts Package, Export
BCCCylinder Unit Passenger Door
BGRPlant Code Bowling Green, KY, USA
BW3Bumper Provisions Canadian Requirements
B4HModification Noise Control, Export
B84Molding B/S Exterior
CC3Roof Panel, Removable
CF7Roof Panel, Removable
CJ2HVAC System, Air Conditioning, Automatic Temperature Control
C05Roof, Convertible Folding
C2LRoof Package, Dual Removable
DD0Mirror, Outside, LH & RH, Remote Control, Electric, Heated, Light Sensitive
DD8Mirror, Inside, R/V Light Sensitive
DL5Decal Roadside Service Information
DL8Mirrors, Outside, LH/RH Remote Control Electric, Heated
D24Mirror O/S LH and RH, Remote Control, Electric, Heated LT Sensitive, Power Folding
ECMModule Inflatable Restraint, European Complaint
FE1Suspension System
FE3Suspension System, Sport
FE4Suspension System, Special Ride and Handling
F55Chassis Continuously Variable Real Time Damping Magneto Rheological
GU2Axle, Rear, 2.73 Ratio
GU6Axle, Rear, 3.42 Ratio
G90Axle, Rear, 3.15 Ratio
G92Axle, Rear, Performance Ratio
JL9Brake System, Power, Front & Rear Disc, Antilock, 4-Wheel
KG4Generator 150 AMP
K05Heater, Engine Block
K63Generator, 110 Amp
LMSOrnamentation Emblem Lemans 3RD GTS WIN
LS1Engine, Gas, 8-Cylinder, 5.7L, SFI, Aluminum
LS6Engine, Gas, 8-Cylinder, 5.7L, SFI, Aluminum HO
MM6Transmission, Manual 6-Speed, 85 mm, 2.66 1st, 0.50 6th, O/D
MN6Merchandised Transmission, Manual 6-Speed Provisions
MX0Merchandised Transmission, Automatic O/D Provisions
M12Transmission, Manual 6-Speed, 85 mm, 2.97 1st, 0.57 6th, O/D
M30Transmission, Automatic 4-Speed, 4L60-E, Electronic
NA3Emission System, Japan
NC1Emission System, California LEV
NF9Emission System Federal, NLEV
NK4Steering Wheel, Sport Leather
NP7Steering Column, EEC Approved
NT3Emission System EEC 00
N37Steering Column, Tilt, Telescoping
N73Wheel Custom Sport, VAR 4
P12Wheel 17 x 9.5 Front and 18 x 10.5 Rear, Cast Aluminum
P36Wheel 17 X 9.5 FRT and 18 x 10.5 RR, Alum Polished
QF5Wheel, 17.0 x 8.5″ Front and 18.0 x 9.5″ Rear, Aluminum, Polished
QG1Wheel, 17.0 x 8.5″ Front and 18.0 x 9.5″ Rear, Aluminum, Painted
RPARear Parking Assist
T2FBrake Provisions Special
T82Headlamp Control, Automatic On-Off
T84Headlamps, RH Rule of Road, E Mark
T85Headlamps, LH Rule of Road, E Mark
T89Lamps, Tail & Stop, Export
T90Lamps, Signaling & Marker, Front, Export
T93Lamps, Tail & Stop, Special
UD4Alarm, Vehicle Speed, 120 km/h
UH3Indicator Low Tire Press, Var 2
UK1Radio Frequencies, Japanese
UL0Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Auto Reverse Music Search Cassette, Auto Tone, Clock, Electronically Tuned Receiver (ETR)
UL2Radio Frequencies, European
UN0Radio, AM/FM Stereo, Seek/Scan, Compact Disc, Auto Tone, Clock, Electronically Tuned Receiver (ETR)
UV6Display, Head Up
UV7Antenna, Windshield, Rear Window, Radio
UZ6Speaker System 6, Quad Front Door Mounted, Dual Quarter Mounted
U1SPlayer, Multiple Compact Disc
U19Instrument Cluster, Speedometer, Metric (Canadian, Export)
U52Instrument Cluster, Electronic
U73Antenna, Fixed, Radio
U75Antenna Power, Radio
VD1Provision Options, Europe
VE1Provision Options, Japan
VG1Protector Underhood Compound, Corrosion Preventive, Water Based, Clear
VG8Vehicle Label, Notice to Buyer
VG9Protector, Wax, Exterior Body
VH5Plate, Vehicle Identification
VL4License Plate Mounting Package, Front, EEC
V49License Plate Frame
V73Vehicle Statement, US/Canada
V76Tow Hooks
V87Vehicle Statement, Gulf States Organization
XABTire Front 245/40ZR17-95Y BW
XFWTire, Front, P265/40R17 BW R/PE ST TL HW4
XGGTire, Front, P245/45R17-89Y, BW TL SBR HW4, EMT
XMCTire, Front, P245/45R17-89Y,BW R/PE ST TL HW4
YACTire Rear P245/40ZR18-94Y BW ST TL HW4
YFUTire, Rear, P295/35R18-91Y, BW R/PE ST TL HW4
YGHTire, Rear, P275/40R18-94Y,BW TL HW4 SBR, EMT
YMETire, Rear, P275/40R18-94Y, BW TL HW4 SBR
Z16Performance Package Z06 Commemorative Edition
Z18Performance Package European Commemorative Edition
Z49Modifications, Canadian, Mandatory Base Equipment
Z5XMirror Provisions, Arabic Language
Z51Performance Package, Handling